Our Christmas Trees

We feature beautiful Noble, Nordman, Grand, and Douglas Fir U-Cut in the fields or fresh pre-cut.

Nordman Fir
Noble Fir
Grand Fir
Douglas Fir
Nordman Fir

Nordman fir is the new Northwest favorite. Similar to the look of the Noble, the Nordman is a very full tree in terms of both branches and foliage. The needles display a dark, green, glossy upper-surface with a contrasting silvery white under-surface. The needles are flat with rounded tips, and grow in symmetrical rows circling around the branch. The Nordman fir has excellent needle retention after cutting. Keep this thirsty tree watered and it will last well through the Christmas holidays.  Its light scent makes it a desirable species for consumers with allergies. Priced by tree height: $75-110

Grand Fir

The Grand fir's very rich, woodsy fragrance signals Christmas is in the air. Smooth, flexible needles up to 1 ½ inch in length grow in two distinct rows to give the Grand a silky, feathery appearance. The top surface of the needles is a fresh, dark green, with a variegated white and green underside, which gives the trees their unique coloring. Grand Firs are very dense and naturally symmetrical. Priced by tree height: $65-90

Noble Fir

Noble fir trees have a naturally symmetrical shape, with well-spaced, sturdy branches that are perfect for displaying ornaments. The firm needles are usually an inch in length, and tend to fold upward on the branch, exposing both the bluish-green tint on top and the variegated silvery-white color on the underside. The Noble fir has excellent needle retention and when properly cared for, a long lifespan in the home. Its scent is pleasantly strong and long-lasting. Priced by tree height: $75-110

Douglas Fir

Douglas firs are heavily sheared to form an almost perfect pyramid shape. Branches are slender and curved slightly upwards, giving a soft, full, graceful appearance. Flexible needles are dark green, about 1 inch long, and soft to the touch. A Douglas fir has a pleasant, woodsy scent that adds so much to the Christmas feeling. Price: $60

"We have been coming here forever and it is such a memorable part of our Christmas holidays. We love finding our tree, eating sprinkle-topped tree shaped cookies, drinking cider and visiting with Santa. It's such a beautiful and warm-hearted farm."

"This place is legit. The trees are full, reasonably priced, and gorgeous. The staff are friendly. "Santa" is in the house. There's even free apple cider. We found the perfect Grand Fir for our condo. Will be back."

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